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Here, We will show you the simplest way to compress a JPEG image to 30kb with an image compressor tool. Image Compressor is an online web tool, made by the Pi7 team to reduce the image size to 30kb or less than that. JPEG image is Joint Photographic Experts Group. In 1992, the JPEG format came into use for the first time. Back in the day, JPEG was popular for uploading photos to the Internet and then to social networks.

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JPEG uses lossy compression for digital images. With lossless compression, the data in the file is erased and is not restored to its original form after decompression. In particular, the data is permanently deleted, which is why this method is also known as irreversible compression.

How To Compress JPEG to 30kb With Image Compressor?

Pi7 Image compressor makes it so easy to compress JPEG images to 30kb and any desired size. Just select an image and compress it. In four steps you can reduce JPEG size to 30kb. Follow The steps given below to use the Image Compressor tool:-

  1. Select and upload the image from your device.
  2. Enter 30kb size in the input box above.
  3. Moving Further, Press the 'Compress Image' button.
  4. Done! Download your Compressed JEPG image.

Hence, It's that simple to compress an image to 30kb. You can also Resize Image Pixels If Your Image size is extremely large.

Many image formats use JPEG compression. It is the most popular image format for digital cameras and other photographic imaging devices. Also, JPEG is the most popular format for storing and transmitting photographic images on the Internet.

How I Can Reduce The Size Of JPEG Image Online?

It Is quite easy to compress a JPEG to 30kb. Pi7 Image compressor uses lossless Compression techquniqe to resize an image. First, Open the Image compressor tool, Then upload an image on the tool. Press the' Compress image' button after mentioning the 30kb size in the input box.

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