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Compress JPEG image to 150kb using the pi7 image compressor online tool. An image under 150kb is used for uploading documents and certificates on the online web portals. In just simple steps here you can reduce the size of your JPEG image to 150kb.

This image compressor tool is much handier as compared to other tools. Because here you only have to enter 150kb size in the input field. But in other tools, you have to resize image pixels and add lossy compression manually to get a JPEG file with the desired output.

How to compress JPEG to 150kb?

In simple four steps, we will try to compress a jpeg file to the desired size. Just follow the steps given below one by one:-

  1. Select a JPEG file for compression.
  2. Enter 150kb in the input field given above.
  3. Press the 'Compress' button.
  4. Done! download your compressed JPEG image.

We hope this guide will be helpful.

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