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Introduction:- Are you struggling with image size limitations for job applications, admissions, or government portals? Look no further! Our Pi7 Image Tool is here to simplify your life. Easily compress unlimited images to 300kb without compromising quality or clarity.

Resize Image Size to 300kb With Pi7 Image Tool

How to Compress Image to 300kb

  1. Upload: Simply upload your image.
  2. Specify Size: Mention the desired 300kb size.
  3. Download: Get your resized image instantly!

Optimize further by adjusting DPI! Explore our DPI Conversion Tool for fine-tuning your images after compressing to 300kb.

Why Choose Pi7 Image Tool

  1. Effortless Process: With just three simple steps, resize any image to fit 300kb effortlessly.
  2. Unlimited Usage: Enjoy unlimited image compressions without any restrictions.
  3. Preserved Quality: Maintain image quality while reducing size for your job, admission, or government portal requirements.
  4. Fast and Reliable: Experience quick processing and reliable results.
  5. User-Friendly: Intuitive interface designed for everyone, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Image Compression Made Easy

In a world where image size restrictions often pose hurdles, Pi7 Image Tool emerges as the solution. Whether it's for CVs, applications, or official forms, resizing images to 300kb has never been this straightforward. Our tool's efficiency lies in its simplicity - no complexities, just a seamless process for all your image compression needs.


Say goodbye to image size constraints! Pi7 Image Tool empowers you to compress images to 300kb with ease. Whether it's for job applications, admissions, or official portals, simplify your image resizing process and ensure compatibility effortlessly.

Compress image to another specific size

We offer a variety of options for compressing your image to any size. Simply choose one from the list below.

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