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Note:- You Can Process 3 Images At Once

DPI means dots per inch in an image. You can convert dpi to a higher level to get high-quality output from your printer. With Pi7 DPI Converter, you can change the DPI of an image to 100, 300, 600, or any dpi you want. If the image has a higher DPI, the printer will use more ink on the paper. Generally, 72 DPI is used for digital images clicked from mobile phones or digital cameras. You can change this DPI to 600 for high-quality printing.

How to convert DPI online?

Pi7 DPI convert tool can change image dpi to the desired level in simple four steps. Just follow the steps mentioned below:-

  1. Upload An image from your device.
  2. Mention the DPI in the input box above. (By default dpi is 300).
  3. Click the "Convert DPI" button.
  4. Done! DPI is changed, you can download your image.

If you want to change the pixels of an image, you can use our "Pi7 Pixel Tool". Because the DPI converter only changes the DPI of the image, not the pixels of the image.

Working Of DPI (Dots-per-inch) in image

The clarity of the image depends on the dpi of the image. A 300-DPI image will be sharper than a 200-DPI image. You can also switch the DPI to a higher level for sharp images that will result in greater clarity.

Convert DPI - Change Image DPI
Convert DPI

For example, as shown in the image above, there are two images, one is 50 DPI and the other is 300 DPI. An image with a higher DPI has more dots per inch and the image quality is better compared to another image. If we convert the DPI to 600, there will be more dots per inch in the image and the quality will also increase. Pi7 DPI converter can change image DPI to 600 in under 3 seconds. With this tool, you can process 3 images at a time.

Thank you, we hope you find this guide useful.

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