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Note:- You can resize 10 images at once.

Welcome to Pi7 Image Tool - your go-to solution for resizing images hassle-free! Need to transform your pictures to the exact 4x6 size? Look no further! Our user-friendly tool is here to simplify your photo resizing needs, especially catering to requirements like passport-sized photos and online application submissions. Whether it's for government portals, job applications, or college admissions, resizing images has never been easier.

Resize Your Image to 4x6 with Pi7's Image Resizer

How to Resize an Image to 4x6:

By default, the tool's height and width settings are already set to 4x6—no need to adjust! Just simply follow 3 steps:-

  1. Upload: Simply upload the image you need to resize.
  2. Resize: Click on 'Resize Image' to get started.
  3. Download: Download your perfectly resized image in the 4x6 dimension.

Looking for another option? Check out this tool for creating passport-size photos, offering precise resizing and cropping features, ideal for official documents and online applications.

Key Features of Pi7's Image Resizer:

  • Custom Sizes: We've got your back for that exact 4x6 size—no guesswork!
  • Inches or CM: Choose inches or centimeters for resizing to 4cmx6cm or 4inch x 6inch.
  • User-Friendly: Click a few buttons, and boom! Your image is sized perfectly.
  • Ideal for Portals: Say goodbye to size headaches for passports, job apps, or college submissions.
  • Crop with 4:6 Aspect Ratio: Need to trim your photo? Our tool can crop with a perfect 4:6 ratio effortlessly.
  • Bulk Image Resizing: Resize multiple images at once—saving you time and effort!

Effortlessly Resize to 4x6:

Are you tired of struggling with image sizes for official documents? Our tool is a lifesaver! Ensure your photos meet the 4x6 size criteria for online government portals, job applications, and admission submissions. By offering options in both inches and centimeters, our tool simplifies the process, guaranteeing precision and compliance.


In a world where image size matters, Pi7 Image Tool stands out as your trusted companion. Simplify the process of resizing images to the required 4x6 dimensions effortlessly. Say goodbye to worries about image sizes on various portals - Pi7 Image Tool has got you covered!

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