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Note:- You Can Process 10 Images At Once

Are you frustrated by size restrictions when uploading images to government portals or admission applications? Pi7 Image Tool is here to make your life easier. Our tool simplifies the process of converting image sizes from KB to MB, ensuring your photos meet the stringent requirements of various online platforms. Whether you're submitting JPEGs, PNGs, HEIC, WebP, or other formats, Pi7 Image Tool handles them all with ease.

Our Pi7 Image tool is here to help! Whether you're submitting a passport photo or a scanned document, our tool makes it easy to adjust your image size without compromising quality.

Increase Image Size from KB to MB Online with the Pi7 Image Tool

How to Convert Image Size from KB to MB

  1. Upload Your Image: Choose the image file you need to resize.
  2. Set Your Desired Size: Need a 1 MB image? Or maybe 2 MB? You can manually enter the desired size and our tool will adjust accordingly.
  3. Increase Size: Click the button, and within moments, your resized image will be ready for download. It's that simple!
  4. Download and Use: Once resized, download your image and use it for your online applications hassle-free.

On most government portals, along with size restrictions, there is also a requirement for specific image DPI. If you need to adjust image DPI to meet these requirements, check out our DPI converter tool at Pi7 Image DPI Converter for precise adjustments!

Key Features

  • Easy to Use: Upload your image and effortlessly convert its size from KB to MB. No technical skills required!
  • Batch Processing: Resize up to 10 images simultaneously, saving you time and effort.
  • Flexible Size Options: Whether you need a 1 MB image or larger, you can manually set the desired size with a few clicks.
  • Preserves Quality: Worried about pixelation or loss of image quality? Don't be! Our tool ensures your pictures retain their sharpness and clarity.
  • Supports Various Formats: From JPEG to PNG, HEIC to WebP, we support a wide range of image formats commonly used online.
  • Secure and Private: Your privacy matters. All images uploaded are deleted automatically from our servers within 20 minutes of conversion. For added peace of mind, you can also manually delete them.

Start Converting Your Images Now!

Join thousands of users who have streamlined their image uploading process with Pi7 Image tool. Experience the convenience of resizing images effortlessly while maintaining their original quality.

Don't let size restrictions hold you back. Convert your image from KB to MB today and make uploading hassle-free!

Ready to get started? Visit our tool now and experience the difference. Your perfectly sized images are just a few clicks away.

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